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Great Host

I just recorded a podcast with Dr. Parish. He’s insightful and easy to work with. I had a great experience and he’s one of those hosts that makes you think and leaves you with something of value.

Fun interview & podcast.

Pranay is a great interviewer and he has some fun & unique episodes. Take a listen - you will enjoy it!


Enjoy listening to dr Parikh’s perspective on his guests and how it pertains to both the listeners and himself.

This one is great!!

Wow! This is a wealth of knowledge on this podcast! The host and overall info is great which helps not only obtain your goals but pushes you higher!

Excellent Interviewer

Praynay was easy to talk to and had excellent and insight questions. Being on his show was an intellectual pleasure.

Insightful ideas on entrepreneurship

Dr. Parikh is a thoughtful interviewer. He does his research about the guests and is careful to raise questions his listeners will appreciate. He does a great job of brining out the best in his guests. Ea h interview has nuggets to help create future success!

Great Show for Entrepreneurs!

Informative show for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Just listened to your episode with Travis Lee on Direct Mail Marketing - very informative. Thanks for the great content Dr. Parikh!