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March 22, 2023

E044 - Why LinkedIn is Only Social Media You Should Be Using with Donna Serdula

E044 - Why LinkedIn is Only Social Media You Should Be Using with Donna Serdula
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Every entrepreneur must be aware of all the available marketing avenues for their business, both traditional and digital. LinkedIn is one of the most common digital marketing tools among physician entrepreneurs. Sadly, very few have found meaningful success by connecting with clients on it. Do you want to scale your business using LinkedIn? Learn how to optimize your profile and the best strategies for your success. Donna joins us in this episode as a Linkedin expert to share her insights and the S.O.A.R  method.

Donna Serdula is a business owner, author, speaker, and influencer. She thrives on empowering people to transform their lives and realize their most sought-after goals. Donna is the pioneer of LinkedIn profile optimization, where she built the successful website, LinkedIn-Makeover.com more than a decade ago. She has worked with 6,000+ executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals in that time, utilizing a talented team of over 30 writers, coaches, and branding specialists to bring dynamic brand storytelling to the masses.

In this podcast, we will talk about all things Linkedin, best practices, paid followers, and how to optimize your profile to hit your career goals.

Key Highlights from the Show
[00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest, Donna Serdula
[02:30] A bit about Donna's backstory and how she became a Linkedin expert
[05:16] How soon should physicians start focusing on building their LinkedIn
[07:30] All physicians are entrepreneurs
[09:43] The LinkedIn potential that Donna saw back in 2009 
[12:33] Recommendations for anyone starting on LinkedIn
[12:53] The S.O.A.R strategy for succeeding on LinkedIn
[16:55] How strategy affects the other three steps
[19:02] How do you know if what you are amazing at is working out
[20:54] Donna’s thoughts on automation on LinkedIn
[23:00] It is not hard to do the right thing on LinkedIn
[23:53] How to plan your engagement time with your audience on LinkedIn
[27:13] Donna’s thoughts on commenting on something that has an engagement or
[31:28] How to promote something on different LinkedIn profiles
[34:12] Common pitfalls on LinkedIn
[36:43] Do LinkedIn hashtags mean anything?
[38:44] The one thing Donna wishes to have put more resources into when starting her entrepreneurship journey
[39:36] Best ways to reach out and connect with Donna Serdula

Notable Quotes

  • Success in LinkedIn is all about having a story and value. [02:06]
  • Success can be found in so many different things. Not just in being an executive. [15:34]
  • In optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you have to ensure that you are the perfect person they are looking for. [17:23]
  • Sales is a game of numbers, but do not be spammy. You'll be doing more harm than building. [22:11]
  • You do not have to post multiple times every day on LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn does not want you to do so. [24:52]
  • With LinkedIn, posts do better when there is engagement. [22:55]

Get Donna's Book

  1. LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile by Donna Serdula: https://www.amazon.com/LinkedIn-Makeover-Professional-Secrets-POWERFUL/dp/0988666502

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