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March 15, 2023

E043 - Why All Entrepreneurs Need to be Creating Video with Alex Minor

E043 - Why All Entrepreneurs Need to be Creating Video with Alex Minor

Video content is quickly becoming the go-to choice for businesses looking to create and grow brand awareness. Videos provide an engaging, visually appealing way to tell stories and deliver messages that captivate viewers. Additionally, videos can be shared across multiple platforms, making it easier for businesses to reach a larger audience. With video content, companies can make an impact quickly and easily with results that last long after the video has been watched.

Join this conversation and learn why it is important to apt your video skills and how you can get started today, not tomorrow. Alex Minor is a video producer, digital marketer, and petty dabbler of the dark arts hailing from Orlando, FL. He runs a video marketing agency called Eye AM Media and helps coaches, small business owners, and brands make sure the right eyes stay focused on them.

In this episode, we talk all about video content creation and how you can begin creating video content today.

Key Highlights from the Show
[00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest, Alex Minor
[03:38] Things required when starting to create video content
[05:10] How Alex got into video creation and how that excites him
[06:18] How his mindset has evolved due to his endeavors in video creation
[08:58] Where to get started when all is set
[13:01] What is content and how to repurpose it
[16:12] Platforms to do video content besides YouTube
[19:12] The bare minimum in terms of the quality of content you create
[24:55] Balance between what the audience wants and what you are passionate about
[29:49] What most people don't know about podcasts
[33:18] The one place where most business owners get burned out with content creation
[34:42] Things you must know when outsourcing your services from Fiverr
[38:22] How medical doctors can create content in their busy schedules
[44:43] What Alex wishes to have put more resources into when starting his entrepreneurship journey
[47:41] Best ways to reach out and connect with Alex Minor

Notable Quotes

  • When getting started, do as much content as you can handle without it negatively affecting how you run your business. [04:46]
  • No matter how saturated your niche is, you will always find your space. There will still be people who will resonate with the value you give. [10:54]
  • What do you want people to know you for? If you answer that question, the content will come. It may come slow, but it will eventually do because it’s like a muscle that you have to work through. [11:02]
  • Just start, make it a focus, and it will eventually become a reflex. [12:50]
  • You can create at least 20 pieces of content with a single Podcast episode. [15:43]
  • It is the content that really matters at the end of the day, not the hardware used. [17:40]
  • Everybody is busy advising you why and how you need to create quality content. However, you don't know what that is until your audience tells you. [19:31]
  • The top 50% of podcasts in the world are people who will get 25 downloads or more per episode. [29:55]

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