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March 1, 2023

E041 - How to Effectively Lead Yourself and Positively Influence Others with Mike Kelly

E041 - How to Effectively Lead Yourself and Positively Influence Others with Mike Kelly
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Leadership, and especially effective leadership, is something that many people struggle with. We find it challenging to faithfully take on the years required to gain leadership skills and experience. It is important to understand that the ultimate goal of leadership is leading ourselves so well that we can have the capacity and authority to lead others to become leaders in their own capabilities. 

Since successful leadership comes from a commitment to a personal mission statement, it is imperative to define your purpose of starting an entrepreneurship venture and commit to it. Your purpose as a business leader will create self-discipline and character, which are essential elements for success. Learn these tips and many insights in this episode with Mike Kelly. 

Mike Kelly is a coach, speaker, consultant, financial planner, author, and entrepreneur. He is a certified coach and is co-owner, with his wife Melinda, of Right Path Enterprises.  He is the Founder and Principal Advisor of Kelly Financial Planning. Prior to this, Mike served in executive and senior leadership positions with Michelin and Macy’s. He and Melinda reside in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In this podcast episode, we talk about how to lead ourselves and how to inspire junior leaders in our own organizations. 

Key Highlights from the Show
[00:01] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest, Mike Kelly
[02:10] A bit about Mike and how he got into what he does
[05:35] How Mike went against all odds for success in corporate
[07:33] The secret to having a strong resilience
[10:05] His early approach to sales as a black American
[12:11] How Mike coaches clients to craft a personal mission statement for their life
[17:06] Work hard on yourself than you do on your job
[20:34] What is the real meaning of success
[24:30] How to scale up your business employees in a reasonable way without burning out
[27:50] Mike’s tips for balancing his personal priorities and the needs of his employees
[34:48] The one thing Mike wishes to have put more resources into when starting his entrepreneurship journey
[36:11] Best places to reach out and connect with Mike Kelly

Notable Quotes

  • Leadership is not just for yourself but also for the people you serve. [01:47]
  • Being able to sell, be rejected, and have a thick skin is an important skill, especially when young because that builds resilience. [07:10]
  • If you can learn how to get up after falling, you can achieve anything in life. [07:33]
  • Sales is an important skill because it equips you to engage people, listen to them, and understand them at a deeper level. [08:43]
  • Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you work hard on your job, you will earn a living. But if you work hard on yourself, you will earn a fortune. [17:06]
  • Success is simply becoming who you were born to be. [21:34]

Notable Quotes Mike Kelly's Book & Resources

  1. Leaderfluence: Secrets of Leadership Essential to Effectively Leading Yourself and Positively Influencing Others by Mike Kelly: https://www.amazon.com/Leaderfluence-Leadership-Effectively-Positively-Influencing/dp/1954533454
  2. Jim Rohn: https://www.jimrohn.com/

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