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Jan. 25, 2023

E036 - How To Create a Business that People are Excited to Work For with Candace Mae

E036 - How To Create a Business that People are Excited to Work For with Candace Mae

You can measure a company's success by several factors, but leadership is at the core of everything. A business’ frontline workers will only take on and embrace the culture that the leader instills in them. Additionally, leaders who listen to the needs of their team, motivate them, encourage them and constantly remind them of the company’s vision are more likely to succeed. Leaders need to have confidence, connection, and character. If you want to apt your skills as a manager or leader of your business or corporate, this episode with Candace Mae is for you.
Candace Mae is an international best-selling author and the founder of Candace Mae Training and Services, a business consulting and training company. As an Executive Program Certified as an independent affiliate with Maxwell Leadership Foundation, Candace calls upon her unique experience, education, gifts/talents, and palpable direct yet warm personality to provide an in-depth training and coaching experience augmented with consulting, as needed. She has helped thousands of small business leaders create a culture and values that people actually resonate with. In this wide-ranging conversation, we talk about creating a business that people wake up and are excited to work for.

Key Highlights from the Show
[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest, Candace Mae
[02:08] Candace’s backstory and how she got to where she is right now
[03:58] How to get the people you work with to be on board
[09:07] Avoiding your team’s crisis mode
[12:10] Techniques to avoid stagnation and grow as a business manager or leader
[16:28] Gauge how your company is successful through the employees
[17:58] All leaders need confidence, connection, and character
[21:22] The challenge of employee and talent retention and how to keep the great people
[25:55] How to create an effective leadership framework for a small business
[27:48] The power of your business purpose
[34:05] What new leaders should spend more resources on to make them better
[35:50] Best ways to reach out and connect with Candace Mae
Notable Quotes
● It’s okay to tell your team to work beyond, but at some point, you have to give them the resources they need, so they do not live in crisis mode. [09:07]
● Leaders may be saying one thing and then living something different. That does not
create trust, motivation, or connection with the people. It actually causes chaos.[10:57]
● It’s a red flag if you see things that need to be fixed, but your employees have no empowerment to fix them. It gets worse when they say it’s not their job. [17:40]
● Effective leadership demands confidence, connection, and character. [17:58]
● Good talent retention is a big challenge in businesses. To keep the great people,
however, you need to appreciate them and build into them. [21:48]

Candace Mae’s Book
1. Heaven Within Restoring Wholeness For Better Leadership by Candace Mae:

Connect With Candace Mae
Website: https://candacemae.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/candacemaegruber/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/candacemae_com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/candacemaegruber/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1odmCbA44KOBzEcmHLc4Xg

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