June 2, 2022

E03 - Turn Your Idea Into a 7-Figure Business with Dr. Peter Kim

E03 - Turn Your Idea Into a 7-Figure Business with Dr. Peter Kim

"You only regret what you didn't do." Watching people succeed in an idea you once had but failed to act on is hard. On the other hand, it is also discouraging when people around you fail because they lack the resources, experience, or knowledge you have. Join this conversation with Dr. Peter Kim and get the motivation to act on the idea lying in your head. Listen to his story from the medical field to a full-time real estate entrepreneur and how you can achieve such success as a medical practitioner.

Dr. Peter Kim is an anesthesiologist living in Los Angeles. He is the founder of Curbside Real Estate, a firm that addresses physician-specific issues encountered during the home buying process. Peter founded Curbside Real Estate because he didn’t know where to start when he bought his first home after med school. He learned the hard way that getting approved for a home loan can be difficult when you have medical school debt and very little experience. Additionally, he didn’t know a great realtor or how to find a mortgage expert specializing in physician loans—or really that there was such a thing as a physician loan.

He needed help! He felt lost and wished there was a service that could guide him through the process and connect him with the right resources. That need gave birth to a 7-figure solution- Curbside Real Estate. 

During this episode, you will learn about;
Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Dr. Peter Kim
[01:38] Who Dr. Peter Kim is, and how he got into where he is.
[02:41] Things that killed his morale of having a full-time income in the medical field
[04:49] Businesses that he has been involved with
[07:54] The mental preparedness for the possibility of losing money in the business ventures
[10:56] How Peter identified a housing need and came up with the Curbside Real Estate
[16:34] Do not sleep on your ideas
[17:53] Unique advantages that doctors have when they are trying to start their businesses
[19:58] The ROI on Peter’s business versus the expectations
[24:07] The importance of having different sources of income
[25:14] Trashing the fear of what your colleagues will think when you start a real estate
[31:00] Rapid Fire Round and ending the show

Notable Quotes 

  • Often, people will see a problem and hope someone else fixes it. Everyone has the capacity to fix any problem. All it requires is the right mindset. [10:42]
  • People have many ideas that can be turned into a 7- figure business empire. Lack of self-efficacy and information hinders the execution.  [16:34]
  • It’s more painful to regret seeing someone succeed in an idea you once had but failed to act on. [17:04]
  • It’s a good edge to have different sources of income because life is uncertain. You’ll never know what will happen to your only source of income tomorrow. [24:07]

Connect With Dr. Peter Kim

Website: https://www.curbsiderealestate.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/curbsiderealestate/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/curbsiderealestate
Twitter: https://twitter.com/curbsidere