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Sept. 28, 2022

E019 - Redefining the Meaning of Wellness Travel with Sahara Rose De Vore

E019 - Redefining the Meaning of Wellness Travel with Sahara Rose De Vore

The benefits of travel are vast and immeasurable, with several studies showing that well-rounded travelers will see significant benefits to their mental and physical health and spiritual being. For some people, travel is an escape from the routine and a chance to be someone different. However, it should be an opportunity to find oneself. 

Join this conversation with Sahara Rose De Vore as we redefine the meaning of wellness travel. Sahara Rose is a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, Certified Transformational Coach, a Wellness Travel Coach & Consultant, founder of The Travel Coach Network, and the author of "Hey You, Just Go!", where she shares all of her favorite budgets, confidence, and travel hacking tips and tricks. After receiving her degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Sahara simply followed her heart to explore the world rather than climb the corporate ladder. She has spent over a decade encompassing the globe to 84+ countries doing in-depth research on the shifts in the travel industry, traveler behaviors, travel trends, and changes in the corporate world.

Sahara created and ran the world’s first and only ICF-accredited certification program for Travel Coaches around the globe. She has been a speaker for various events and organizations, including the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, the Global Business Travel Association, GBTA Chapters, the Alternative Health and Wellness Summit, Creative Year Ever!, Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce, ProcureCon, Wanderful, Business Travel News, and others. Her expertise in travel, wellness, and women's entrepreneurship has been seen in over 100+ media outlets, including Forbes, Business Insider, Skift, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Fodor's Travel, USA Today, & Travel Weekly.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of traveling and how you can travel and come
back refreshed in invigorated.

During this episode, you will learn about;
[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Sahara Rose De Vore
[02:03] What is ethical traveling, and how she got into traveling and wellness coaching
[05:08] How her Travel Coach Network is different from any other travel agency
[06:46] Benefits of traveling to heal your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self
[10:04] Sahara’s working framework while working with clients
[11:23] Ways you can approach your two-week vacation with an intention
[14:05] How you can strike up a conversation with your boss for time off to vacation
[15:30] How she would help a small company develop a wealthy and healthy program
[18:02] Tips and tricks Sahara recommends when organizing retreats in small companies
[19:25] What can be included in a wellness vacation for employees
[22:36] The amount of travel that medical professionals need to have in a year
[24:58] What you need to know before planning for a traveling trip
[26:11] Why you should integrate travel according to your life and not escape it
[27:37] What Sahara wishes to have spent more resources in the early days of her career
[29:41] How you can reach out and connect with Sahara Rose

Notable Quotes
[06:58]Traveling is a form of mental, physical, and spiritual healing. 
[15:30]Open communication and asking what employees want are the easiest ways to develop a wealthy company with happy an

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