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Sept. 14, 2022

E017 - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Kimberly Spencer

E017 - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Kimberly Spencer

Overcoming limiting beliefs is a decision we have to make every other time. As we continue to evolve in our entrepreneurship, we will face challenges and find more limiting beliefs, but we have to constantly choose to face them to overcome them. Your business owner's and business’s values are essential for your success. The values you envision for your business should correlate to your purpose and mission to help you achieve your goals. You cannot transform your business if you play the victim blame game. You can only do it if you take ownership and responsibility. Setting values and proclaiming victory will help you keep your head in the game without self-sabotaging. Join the conversation with Kimberly Spencer as we talk about limiting beliefs, why we have them, how to get past them and what you can do about them today. 

Kimberly Spencer is the founder of Crownyourself.com, an award-winning high-performance coach and trainer, Amazon best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and success strategist for go-getters who are ready to take everything to the next level. She helps visionary leaders transform their self-limiting stories, build their empires, stand up fearless, and make the income and impact they desire.

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Kimberly Spencer

[01:41] Limiting beliefs and how they pop up in different forms 

[03:24] How Kimberly got to where she is today

[08:56] How Kimberly’s husband has been essential in her success 

[12:43] Value alignment in attracting your right tribe

[17:01] Figuring out what values you want for your business 

[20:18] How motivation strategy and ego can lead to self-sabotage 

[24:01] The success pedestal problem and beginners mindset 

[26:08] Learning and adapting a growth mindset to continue evolving 

[28:01] Perfection: Eliminating the belief of having to be perfect 

[29:07] Strategic slacking and giving yourself space to increase your productivity 

[33:14] Things Kimberly wishes she spent more time and resources in the earlier stages

[35:57] How you can reach out and connect with Kimberly

Notable Quotes 

  • Just because limiting beliefs goes away doesn't mean they won't pop up in another form. [01:54]
  • Your values attract your tribe; the values that you set for your business are like a castle wall for who comes in and who goes out. [14:26]
  • To thrive, you have to incorporate something in the realm of profit and finance for your business owner's business values. [18:41]
  • The zone of discomfort is the greatest zone of change; you just have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. [23:37]
  • As humans, we’re adaptable machines, and we’re programmed to be able to adapt if we’re conscious of what we’re adapting to. [28:27]
  • When you know the 5% that can move the 95%, you get granular on what you need to do to move the needle the most. [29:25]
  • Your unconscious mind runs your body, and sometimes your body knows things before your brain does, so listen to your intuition. [30:52]

Resources Mentioned

  1. The Mountain Is You by Brianna Wiest:

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