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Sept. 8, 2022

E016 - Why you Need a Community of Meaningful Relationships with Paul Croswell

E016 - Why you Need a Community of Meaningful Relationships with Paul Croswell

Relationships are a fundamental part of life. Whether it be social relationships such as friends, family, or even romantic relationships, they help us navigate through life. They help us connect with others and understand the world around us. In this episode with Paul Croswell, we learn about how important relationships are, how to make new friends as an adult and how to really find balance in life. You'll also learn what it means to have a balanced life as an entrepreneur. Things you can find your tribe around or create a tribe around include; something you are passionate about, your hobbies, and your sense of vision. 

Paul is an Amazon bestselling author, Life Balance Coach, and Speaker. He helps busy professionals to succeed at work, thrive at home, and flourish in their emotional and mental health. 

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During this episode, you will learn about;

[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest; Paul Croswell
Who Paul is and how he got into what he does in his space
[03:51] Transitioning from using a passion for fun to earning money from it
Support from his mum and navigating the pain of sickle cell disease as a child
Integrating business into his music passion
Importance of having a supportive community to achieve your goals
His advice & recommendation to adults who don't have a group of friends to rely on
The three things around which you can create or find your community
Facebook is still a powerful connecting tool
Deep and meaningful relationships require an investment of time and effort
Deeply introverted and why it's sometimes difficult to find friends
[26:57] How Paul got into life balance coaching & the ideal clients who approach him
[32:56] The proven principles of overcoming burnout
Do not undervalue the power of relationships in your life balance
How can you reach out and connect with Paul

Notable Quotes 

  • When you get knocked down by life you have a community of friends that pick you up. [15:42]
  • We are not built as humans to function in isolation. [16:15]
  • As you lean toward your passion, you find people who are passionate about similar things, and that's how you build an effective community. [18:08]
  • There is always something, and there is always someone that you can connect with about anything. [22:15]
  • There is no shortcut to creating meaningful relationships. That is an investment of time and effort regardless of how you are willing to spend it. [23:16]

Paul’s Book

  1. Life Balance: A Life-Balance Approach To Reaching Your Goals and Changing Your Life by Paul W Croswell: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08NTQM9MZ/

Connect With Paul W Croswell

Website: https://www.paulwcroswell.com/

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